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Top 10 Books on Discipline and Parenting

Discipline with Love & Limits

Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers named Discipline with Love & Limits one of their Top 10 Books on Discipline and Parenting!

"...a good little resource to keep on your shelf."

You can download the eBook free for a limited time at your favorite online retailer. More details can be found here.

Spice Turkey

Spice Turkey

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Discipline with Love & Limits by Jerry Wyckoff

Discipline with Love & Limits

by Jerry Wyckoff

Giveaway ends December 10, 2015.

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Fitness Fun Busy Book Review

The Fitness Fun Busy Book

Holly at the San Diego Book Review wrote a great review of The Fitness Fun Busy Book.

"For parents of young children, a book like this could make a huge difference in keeping daily activities fun and active."

Read the full review here.

With 365 games and activities designed to build motor skills and inspire a love of physical exercise by encouraging a child to move, The Fitness Fun Busy Book will be sure to keep toddlers and preschoolers busy and active!

The Fitness Fun Busy Book is available in stores and online.

Free eBook

For a limited time download a free eBook edition of Discipline with Love & Limits and be sure to leave a review with your thoughts!

Discipline with Love & LimitsFor thirty years, pioneering authors, Jerry Wyckoff and Barbara C. Unell, have taught parents how to raise well-behaved children without resorting to verbal threats and physical punishment. With Discipline with Love & Limits they expand upon their previous success with new and updated information for the next generation of parents.

The easy-to-use text has been formatted like a first-aid manual for handling misbehavior. Each section includes:

-A description of the “symptoms,” the causes, and a general approach to corrective action.
-Preventive steps to avoid the problem.
-Practical solutions for the misbehavior.
-Important information about what to do.
-A case history that shows how parents successfully handled the problem, using advice from this book.

“Discipline Without Shouting or Spanking was mainly a list of practical solutions for parents. Discipline with Love & Limits is now a ‘guide to raising well-behaved children’ that includes lots of new solutions to misbehaviors like screen addiction, food-rule conflicts, and bullying. Many people think the only way to improve their children’s behavior is with threats and punishment. Neuroscience research proves that just doesn’t work. What does work is teaching children appropriate behavior in a way they can understand, with love and limits,” said authors Wyckoff and Unell.

Available in paperback January 12, 2016

eBook available at the following:

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"Old Mother Hubbard"

Mary Had a Little Jam

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How To Calm Your Baby

Picture of Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn

by Penny Simkin, PT; et al.

Dr. Harvey Karp suggests calming babies using a five-step method called the Five S’s. This method provides babies with a familiar and comforting womb-like environment. Some babies need all five steps, while others are calmed by just a few.

Swaddling increases how long your baby sleeps by preventing her from startling herself awake. You can swaddle your baby in a large, lightweight blanket; a commercial swaddling blanket; or sleep sack with her arms tucked inside. Your nurse, midwife, or doula can show you how to swaddle your baby, or there are many commercial swaddling products on the market. (For example, Dr. Karp offers an instructional DVD.) You can also provide a swaddle-like environment by tucking your baby snugly inside a baby carrier, sling, swing, or bouncy seat. Visit our web site,, to learn an effective double swaddle technique.

Side or stomach position
Hold your baby in your arms on her side (which may aid digestion) or on her stomach with gentle pressure against her abdomen. Being held on her back may cause her to startle easily.

Make a shushing sound near your baby’s ear or use white noise (continuous noise such as a fan or radio static) loudly enough so she can hear it over her crying.

Repetitive motion such as swinging helps soothe babies. Swing your baby by swaying, rocking, jiggling, or gently bouncing with her on an exercise ball. You also can gently swing her from side to side in a hammock made by holding two corners of a blanket while someone else holds the other two corners. To give yourself a chance to eat or rest, consider using a baby swing.

Let your baby suck on a pacifier or your finger. Feeding her can also calm her; however, you’ll have likely already tried this as a calming technique, because hunger is a typical reason for crying.

Excerpted from: Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn: The Complete Guide, Fourth Edition

© copyright Parent Trust for Washington Children with permission from its publisher Meadowbrook Press.

Limerick Fun with Bruce Lansky

My limerick lesson is one of my favorites, because first the students learn how to use the AABBA rhyme pattern to figure...

Posted by Bruce Lansky on Wednesday, November 4, 2015

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