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Discipline with Love & Limits

Discipline with Love & Limits

Melinda Made a Snowman

Melinda made a snowman,
which she gave a carrot nose.
She placed some rubber boots
on what she figured were his toes.

Melinda gave him charcoal eyes,
and after one last pat,
upon her snowman’s frozen head
she placed her father’s hat.

She thought him nearly finished,
and then as a final note,
she took her father’s favorite tie
and draped it ’round his throat.

Melinda was so proud of him,
she rushed upstairs with glee.
She hollered to her mom and dad
to “Hurry, come and see!”

But by the time they came downstairs
Melinda cried and cried.
“Melinda,” Mom and Dad said,
“snowmen must be made outside.”

© copyright Linda Knaus with permission of its publisher Meadowbrook Press.

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Discipline with Love & Limits

Discussing Discipline

A fact of life today is that most children under the age of five are cared for by a variety of adults over the course of...

Posted by Kansas City Live on Monday, January 11, 2016
Now Available

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"Practical suggestions for solving discipline problems
or preventing them before they even occur."
-SuEllen Fried, past president, National Committee for the Prevention of Child Abuse 

"The must-have prescription every parent needs
to raise healthier and happier children."

-Kathryn Ellerbeck, MD, MPH, FAAP, past president, Kansas Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics


For over thirty years, pioneering authors, Jerry Wyckoff and Barbara Unell have taught parents how to raise well-behaved children without resorting to verbal threats and physical punishment.  With Discipline with Love & Limits they expand upon their previous success with new and updated information for the next generation of parents.

The easy-to-use text has been formatted like a first-aid manual for handling misbehavior and updated with new information on:

  • New ways parents can establish positive relationships with their children.
  • How to setup an effective parenting team.
  • The latest neuroscience research results.
  • A greatly expanded section of calm, practical solutions to the most common childhood misbehaviors. 

Discipline with Love & Limits is available now in stores and online. 

ISBN 978-1-501-11274-4
Paperback, 192 pages
Cover price: $10.00

Order from Meadowbrook Press for $8.00 (20% savings)

eBook available at the following:

AmazoniTunesBarnes&NobleGoogleBlioBAM! kobo

Jerry Wyckoff is a child psychologist who was helped parents and their children for more than 40 years and has co-authored five books on parenting with Barbara Unell. 

Barbara C. Unell is a parent-educator and journalist who co-founded TWINS Magazine and Kansas City Parent, and has co-authored over a dozen books on parenting. She has also helped launch social-emotional development programs for parents, educators and children, including Uncle Dan's Report Card and Kindness is Contagious... Catch It!

Visit their website at

Raised with Love and Limits


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