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Dealing with Morning Sickness

Giving Birth with Confidence

If you’re suffering from pregnancy nausea, one way to cope is to think of your baby getting strongly established in you, making his or her presence known, helping your body adjust to his or her needs. You might also keep this in mind: One researcher has said that the term morning sickness should really be changed to wellness insurance; pregnancy nausea may be linked to better birth weights for babies. If nothing else works, keep your eyes on the road ahead; morning sickness will end eventually. For most women, it goes away somewhere between the third and fourth month.

Giving Birth with Confidence is available in stores and online.

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The Rope Warrior comes to Tolono

"If you learn one trick on your first day, that's already more than the tricks I learned on mine because I didn't have any so. It's a lot of fun, takes a lot of practice, and you have to be ready to make a lot of mistakes" -David Fisher 'The Rope Warrior'

Cool Jump-Rope Tricks You Can Do! is available in paperback and eBook in stores and online!

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