Giggle Poetry Reading Lessons

A Successful Reading-Fluency Program Parents and Teachers Can Use to Dramatically Improve Reading Skills and Scores

by Amy Buswell & Bruce Lansky

Illustrated by Stephen Carpenter

Many struggling readers are embarrassed to read aloud. They often feel intimidated or bored by texts that conventional programs require them to practice. So, instead of catching up, they fall further behind. Currently 67 percent of American fourth graders can’t read grade-level text. Reading specialist Amy Buswell has spent eight years looking for remediation methods that work. “What is needed,” Buswell explains, “is a program that improves the motivation of struggling readers, because motivation accounts for 90 percent of the problem.”

Four years ago, Buswell had a brainstorm. She knew her best readers enjoyed reading Bruce Lansky’s poetry books for pleasure. So why not use Lansky’s kid-tested poems as texts struggling readers could practice on to improve their reading—using six research-based strategies?

This book is the result of that brainstorm and the resulting collaboration between Buswell and Lansky. It gives teachers and parents everything they need to help children improve their reading:
     • 35 kid-tested poems by Bruce Lansky
     • 35 off-the-wall illustrations by Stephen Carpenter
     • 35 customized reading lessons by Amy Buswell
     • 35 sets of zany performance tips by Bruce Lansky
     …all of which are designed to make the process of reading improvement more like fun than work.

Giggle Poetry Reading Lessons are aligned with the Fluency Standards in the Reading Foundational Skills for Grades 2-5 in the Common Core State Standards (Common Core State Standards Initiative, 2010).

Mom's Choice Awards 2014 Gold Winner

National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Parenting Resources 2014 Honors Winner - Education

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"The secret to the phenomenal success of Buswell and Lansky's reading program is: They make reading fun."
-Danny Brassell, PhD, Teacher Education Department, California State University

"It's not surprising taht the most entertaining remedial reading program would be so successful at motivating students to read better.:
-Chase Young, PhD, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M Corpus Cristi

"The reading gains in fluency made by Amy Buswell's students are remarkable--well above what researchers would expect."
-Tim Rasinski, PhD, Professor of Literacy Education, Kent State University

"I was amazed by how quickly my students' reading improved."
-Loraine Sansbury, K-5 Reading Resource Teacher

"This reading program is fun for students. That's why they are so motivated to practice and improve."
-Kathy Ryan, K-5 Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Teacher

"Within a week of starting this intervention, one of my most challenging students went from saying, 'I hate reading' to saying, 'Can I read this poem to you?' I couldn't believe my ears."


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