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Giving Birth with ConfidenceGiving Birth with Confidence by Judith Lothian, RN, PhD, LCCE, FACCE & Charlotte DeVries is the updated 3rd edition of The Official Lamaze Guide and is the first and only pregnancy and childbirth guide endorsed by Lamaze International, the leading childbirth education organization in North America.

Giving Birth With Confidence empowers women to approach pregnancy and birth with knowledge and confidence.  This book simplifies the amazing process of pregnancy and childbirth, offering women and their partners trusted information and the best available medical evidence.  It helps mothers to understand their options and make informed decisions that support the safest, healthiest birth possible.

This new edition includes updated evidence and information on:

  • How vaginal birth, keeping mother and baby together, and breastfeeding help to build the baby’s microbiome.
  • How hormones naturally start and regulate labor and release endorphins to help alleviate pain.
  • Maternity-care practices that can disrupt the body’s normal functioning.
  • The latest recommendations on lifestyle issues like alcohol, vitamins, and caffeine.
  • Room sharing and cosleeping: the controversy, recommendations, and safety guidelines.
  • Out-of-hospital births are on the rise: New research and advice on planned home birth, including ACOG’s revised guidelines, which support women’s choices and promote seamless transfer to hospital, if needed.
  • The importance of avoiding unnecessary caesareans for mother and child. Includes the new ACOG guidelines on inductions and active labor.
  • The research in support of the Lamaze International’s “Six Healthy Birth Practices.”

About the Authors: Judith Lothian is a nurse and childbirth educator with over 30 years of experience. She is an associate professor at Seton Hall University College of Nursing and is chair of the Lamaze International Certification Council. Charlotte DeVries is a journalist, past president of Lamaze International’s board of directors, and a current board advisor.

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