208 pages
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The Simple Guide to Having a Baby

What You Need to Know

by Penny SimkinPTJanet WhalleyRN, BSNAnn KepplerRN, MN; and Janelle DurhamMSW, ICCE, LCCE

The Simple Guide to Having a Baby is the accessible, easy-to-read version of the best-selling Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn.  Newly updated for 2016, Simple Guide is for expectant parents who only want the most important, need-to-know, and how-to information. 

Notable updates to the 2016 edition include:

  • Stories about typical pregnancy and birth experiences, which make content easier to relate to.
  • Links to online content and resources, so readers can learn more about topics of concern.
  • Nutrition guidelines and fitness recommendations.
  • A simplified explanation of the entire labor process and comfort techniques.
  • Updated maternity care recommendations to reduce the number of cesarean births.
  • Increased discussion of mental health and emotional issues during pregnancy and postpartum.
  • The most current breastfeeding advice from lactation consultants.

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